Its A Confection World!

Its A Confection World!
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years: Its Marshmallow Time!

So Seann has been working on creating marshmallows for our Etsy Shop! Last Spring he made some amazing plain ones and well as some TO DIE for Maple Marshmallows! So far we have listed only the plain ones in our shop which you can check out below:
                                                Photography by Seann Patrick Photography

We have enjoyed our Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate! We have also enjoyed them dipped in Seann's Mocha and Peppermint Chocolate Sauces! As well as covered in caramel sauce of course. I personally don't usually put marshmallow in my ice cream sundaes because we never buy marshmallows from the store but these are a great add on to a Brownie Sundae! 

Here are our Coconut Marshmallows, these are my favorite so far! We toast them using our gas burners and they were fantastic! As you can see we are still working on the product photography for our Marshmallows which is the main reason we don't have them up for sale on Etsy Yet. 

Other Flavors that we are testing:
Cardamon (About Cardamom)
 (Hint we sent out 1/2 dozen test batch marshmallows with our last order....)
I will post more about Marshmallows in the coming weeks as we develop our flavors and photography more!

Again Everybody have a Wonderful New Years!

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