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Its A Confection World!
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fudge: Completely from Scratch

Yes we have made fudge before! We have been making it for years but never chocolate fudge completely from scratch. I remember going over to Seann's mother's house, during our first few years, and being ecstatic at the abundance of amazing chocolate fudge around the Holidays. It was this tradition that has led Seann and I to love and enjoy making fudge not just during the Holidays but all throughout the year. Usually we use the recipe on the Fluff container. There was one instance when we used just Mint Dark Chocolate with the fluff recipe. We ended up with the perfect mix of mint to dark chocolate. Usually we just make chocolate fudge because its so good its hard to make something else. He did make maple fudge a few years ago when we lived in Massachusetts, it was very maplely (my favorite) but granular still as maple fudge is difficult to make.

This month however, Seann wanted to try making Fudge without using Fluff. So, Seann set out to make his own Fluff, called marshmallow cream. He found the recipe from one of his favorite celebrity chefs Alton Brown. You can find the recipe here. And the result here!

This stuff was fantastic and very dangerous for any sweet tooth in the house. Before Seann made fudge with this we mixed some with coco powder and that culinary treat was almost to much for my mouth to handle!
The fudge that resulted tasted just like the fudge that you get when you use the fluff recipe. The main difference was in the texture. As with most chocolate things I of course asked for a darker fudge next time. I am always asking for darker brownies, fudge hot chocolate etc...

Making your own homemade marshmallow cream is definitely worth it. It has a better consistency, taste and of course you know exactly what it in it! That being said it probably isn't much healthier than the store bought stuff. It doesn't have any preservatives in it though which is a plus. You just want to make sure that you use it within a few days of making it. You will not be sorry you made this, just a bit high on sugar!

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  1. Alton Brown is a family fav around here! i found you on the etsy promote your blog team. I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me back as well!